11 Jan 2013

Peugeot release a 208 for really lazy people

Peugeot have just released a special edition 208 called the Intuitive, designed for idle layabouts who don't like to drive themselves.  Highlights of the Peugeot 208 Intuitive include, as standard:
  • Park Assist - in which the 208 Intuitive finds a parking space then parks itself whilst you crack on with reading the Sun.  It even provides visual and audible information to the driver to let you know how it's going on with the parking manoeuvre 
  • Cielo Roof - a see-through roof.  Makes it easier to see the screen of your iPhone whilst watching Jeremy Kyle on the iPlayer
  • Satellite Navigation and directional fog lamps - the 208 Intuitive tells you where to go and shines a huge beam of light in the direction you need to be pointed in.  No need to think for yourself anymore!
  • 1.4 diesel engine - with 74 miles per gallons!  No need to fill up with fuel more than once a year
  • Emergency Brake Assist - the car brakes for you
  • Cruise Control with speed limiter - as well as braking for you the car can drive for you and it won't break the speed limit 
  • Six airbags - we all need a nap sometimes.  Rest your head on one of the soft, but firm airbags
  • Peugeot's JustAddFuel package - no need for all that pesky paperwork.  Just pay Peugeot to service, insure and tax your 208.  All you need to do is put fuel in it once a year.  This gives you more time to watch Jeremy Kyle
The Peugeot 208 Intuitive costs from £14,245 and is available from Peugeot dealers in a matter of days.

Small print - allowing the Peugeot 208 Intuitive to drive you is a dangerous thing to do and is not encouraged or endorsed by Speedmonkey in any way but if you want to do it then its fine by us just don't tell anyone we told you OK?

More small print - if we were really lazy we wouldn't actually buy the Peugeot 208 Intuitive but instead would purchase a 10 year old Mercedes S Class which does all of these things but is a little more thirsty but who cares when the state pays for everything, eh?