7 Jan 2013

New Mercedes-Benz E Class Coupe and Cabriolet

This is the new Mercedes-Benz E class coupe and cabriolet.  The car features various tweaks over the older model, most obviously the twin headlamps have merged into one elongated unit and the grille is larger.

Normally conservative in design, Mercedes have given the E class coupe and cabriolet an aggressive stance with that fantastic front end, the stylistic yet strong lines across the flanks, and rear haunches that are reminiscent of those on the Bentley Continental.  The rear is also a triumph of modern design, although the elongated bumper might make reaching into the further recesses of the boot a knee bashing stretch.

The E class engines unfortunately major on diesels which isn't a surprise given diesels now account for 50% of all cars sold in the UK.  The petrol engines are the 200 and 250, using a 2 litre which develops 181bhp and 208bhp respectively.  The diesels are the 220 CDI and 250 CDI with a 2.1 litre engine producing 168bhp and 201bhp, and the E350 which has a 3 litre V6 diesel producing 248bhp.

The E 500 will no longer be available but no doubt an AMG version will be released at some point, with the new 5.5 litre twin turbocharged engine.

Other features of the new E class coupe and cabriolet include a six speed manual or seven speed semi-automatic (the controls for which are on a steering column mounted lever), collision prevention assist, attention assist, brake assist and junction assist.  Also, note that the cruise control level is now positioned above the indicator - something Mercedes will change on all new models.

Alternatively the driver can ignore all these assists and drive the car him or herself using brain, eyes and limbs.

Pricing hasn't yet been announced but the will probably reflect current pricing, which starts at £33,000 for the E 220 CDI.