15 Jan 2013

Honda NSX Concept

Remember when the Honda CEO, Takanobu Ito, told us about the new NSX? Well, here it is.  In concept form at least.

Low and wide, the NSX concept remains true to the form of the original car but with modern design ideas and a wicked grin on it's face.  The rumours are that the production model will look very similar to this concept, although we can't believe those outrageous wheels would survive one weekend without being kerbed.

Whilst the exterior is likely to remain the same the interior may not. Honda say, "...the NSX Concept offers a glimpse at one potential direction for the next-generation NSX's interior design."  We hope they don't change the interior - it is pretty stunning.

The NSX concept is powered by a mid-mounted V6 engine Sport Hybrid all wheel drive system (SH-AWD in Honda-speak).  The new NSX won't be released until 2015, and will be made in Ohio, America.