11 Jun 2014

#24LM Watch A Porsche 936 Lap Le Mans in 1977

This onboard video shows a Porsche 936 lapping Le Mans during qualifying for the 1977 race.  You may have 'driven' the track on a games console, or viewed a modern Le Mans as a spectator but seeing the 936 doing 217mph down Mulsanne, without chicanes, is an awesome sight.

And then, at 2 minutes 16 seconds, you're with the driver as he comes up behind two much slower 934s on the fast section headed down to Indianapolis.  Easy on an xBox, terrifying when watching it for real.  What are the slower cars going to do?  They're side by side, when to make the move?

Porsche 936 stats and image below the video.

Porsche 936 introduced in 1976
Engine - 2.1 litre turbocharged flat six, air cooled
Power - 540bhp
Weight - 700kg
Top speed - 217mph
Results - won Le Mans in 1976, 1977, 1981

By Matt Hubbard