2 Dec 2012

Spotted - Porsche 911 Sport Classic

Porsches are expensive.  911s are very expensive.  A boggo spec Carrera costs £71,499 new.  If you want a really expensive Porsche then you buy a special, as built by Porsche Exclusive - the Porsche inhouse design and manufacturing team who've been making limited run cars since 1986.  Porsche Exclusive were responsible for the 935 Street, 3 different Speedsters and the 80s and 90s Flatnose 911s.

In 2009 and 2010 Porsche Exclusive produced a limited run of 250 911s called the 911 Sport Classic.  It cost £140,000 when new and was based on a 3.8 litre 997.  The Sport Classic was essentially a rear wheel drive Carrera S but with the Turbo's wide body, a double-bubble roof inspired by the Carrera GT, grey paint from a 356, 911 RSR-style black headlamp surrounds and a power kit which took the standard 3.8's 380bhp up to 402bhp by way of different heads, intake manifold, a carbon airbox and sports exhaust.  Weight was kept down to the 1425kg of the Carrera S, it had a 6 speed manual gearbox and 0-60mph took 4.6 seconds. Oh, and sitting on the engine cover was a unique 'ducktail' spoiler.

Whilst it might not have represented value for money - the Sport Classic was twice as expensive as a Carrera S - all 250 sold out.  And one has come up for sale, in Leeds.  For £119,175.

Frankly the owner of this Sport Classic must be mad because it's only done 500 miles.  Given that it's lost £20,000 over the past 2 years, that's a cost of £40 per mile driven in depreciation alone.

The price will probably drop another £20,000 or £40,000 before it levels out, but anyone prepared to risk spending £120,000 on a 2 year old Porsche has more money than sense (the 991 Turbo will be out next year and will cost between £100,000-£120,000) so will almost certainly not care.  The price is paid for exclusivity rather than the car itself.

You can find the link to the advert here and the photos taken from the advert are below.