14 Dec 2012

Sliding slot cars! Tail-happy action on the Scalextric track

We all love Scalextric cars.  We played with them when we were young and we often buy them for our children so we can play with them again.

The fun with slot cars isn't just in racing them, it's in trying to see how fast they'll go before they inevitably slide off the track - and how much tail slide can be induced before they hurtle off into the skirting board.

One man, Gareth Jones, decided that his slot cars weren't sliding, and leaning, enough before their inevitable plunge off the track, so he decided to make his own.  After perfecting his chassis he now sells them via www.chase-cars.com

The idea is simple.  Take one slot car chassis, add suspension, wheels, a motor and steering then add the body of your choice - preferably an American muscle car.  Hey presto you have a leaning, sliding slot car.  And if you put two or more together, you have a chase!

Gareth will sell you a generic kit you can build on or a bespoke kit for a particular car, such as 1972 Bad Guy's Limo.  Check out the pictures for completed cars, and have a look at the fantastic videos for car chases involving Gareth's cars.  People buy the kits, build the cars, paint them and apply stickers then send the photos back to Gareth to put on his website.

You can make a Roscoe P Coltrane cop car and chase the Duke brothers in the General Lee around Hazzard County, or you can make a four lane track, build a Blues Brothers car and another three cop cars to chase it round the streets of Chicago - all on your living room floor.

Check out Gareth's site - Chase Cars - here.