17 Dec 2012

M25 - the world's longest racetrack

Not a single one of the speed cameras that cover the M25, the motorway that encircles London, works - according to an investigation by AOL Cars.

AOL Cars spent three months, and undertook twenty Freedom of Information requests, to find that none of the four police authorities who operate cameras on the M25 were actually filling them with film or were monitoring them.

The cameras, paid for by us the motorists, are meant to be located at accident blackspots, but instead are used to try and catch motorists straying just above the speed limit so the Government and police can make more money*

Despite the fact motorways are the country's safest roads, and most accidents are not caused by speed, but by motorists suddenly slowing because they are not concentrating,** it is littered with speed cameras - including 36 new variable speed cameras which don't work - due to "technical issues."

Good.  Speed cameras on motorways are completely useless.  Money should be spent on driver training and education rather than on speed camera.  Maybe the fact this information has been made public will shame the Police Authorities into catching poor drivers (rather than those straying slightly over the speed limit).  But then again, it probably won't.

The M25 is 117 miles long and the speed limit is 70mph.  That means it should theoretically take 1 hour 40 minutes to complete an entire circuit.  It would be improper of us to suggest that now would be the right time to try out the speed camera free M25 and lap it in 1 hour 40 or under.  Wouldn't it?

* Just so you know, this is our opinion and not backed up by any fact
** So is this