19 Dec 2012

Ford Fiesta Sedan - what the hell have they done?

Some cars we wished would come to the UK - the Ford Mustang for example would be a great addition to Ford's range in RHD form.  Some cars we wished were never imported to these shores - the Chrysler PT Cruiser immediately springs to mind.

Thank goodness Ford will not be bringing the Fiesta 'sedan' to the UK.  It's surely the most hideous and ill-conceived marriage between perfectly acceptable hatchback and crazed pensioners dream of having a car with a boot/trunk since the Vauxhall Belmont or the Polo saloon.

Surely America's need for a fully enclosed bootspace cannot be so overwhelming that Ford had to create this gormless waste of steel.

The high waistline at the C pillar is designed to create a fusion between the hatch lid and the rear of the car.  Stick a boot on the back and it becomes merely a high waisted frump.

What next, the saloon Range Rover? Oh God, someone's already done it - see below the Fiesta images for the Range Rover saloon.