28 Nov 2012

What else can you buy for the price of an Infiniti FX Vettel Edition?

Our drive test of the £100,800 Infiniti FX Vettel Edition provoked some pretty strong feeling both on Twitter and the comments section.  Most was negative.  OK, all of it was negative.

It's a great car to drive but the looks of the standard FX divide opinion.  Add in the £100k price tag, acres of carbon fibre and Vettel's name, and feelings run high.

"100k? what kind of tasteless cheshire footballer would buy that cocaine white hulk?"

"How can a respected F1 driver put their name to something so hideous just because its got a fancy new seat material, some shiny hoops and a sprinkle of carbon fibre."

"Looks like it should have a Ssangyong badge on the front."

"Looks well, but £100k for a posh Nissan X-Trail? Hmmm not sure...."

"100k I could buy a top end disco and a golf R32 to play around in."

That last comment got us to thinking.  What else can you buy for £100,000, if not an Infiniti FX Vettel Edition?  Quite a lot as it turns out...

£100k buys a FX Vettel Edition or a Range Rover SDV8 Autobiography
You could buy both a Mercedes C 63 AMG and an Audi Q5 S Line for £100k

Or 10 Dacia Dusters for the price of 1 FX Vettel Edition

Go Porsche and buy a Boxster S and Cayenne V8 for £100k

Jaguar F-Type V6 and a Range Rover Evoque for the same money as the Vettel

How about 4 Kia Sorrentos?

Aston Martin V8 Vantage or Infiniti FX Vettel Edition?  Your choice

Alternatively this flat in Kensington costs £100k.  The same as the Vettel