27 Nov 2012

Spotted - Lotus Elan S4 Shooting Brake

In 1972 Lotus dealer Hexagon Garages of Highgate built two Lotus Shooting Brakes - known as Elanbulances - intending to create a series of Elan estate conversions.  They even sent one to Autosport to review.  Based on the Lotus Elan Sprint, the estate package added £595 to the factory £1895 price.

Unfortunately the subsequent demand failed to materialised so only the two prototypes were built - and now one has come up for sale on eBay.  This Elanbulance was fully restored in 1994 and is for sale at £51,000 - although it is currently located in Nancy, France.

The advert says very little else about the car but the pictures say everything.  This is a fabulous, and almost completely unique, Lotus.