27 Nov 2012

Remember the Jaguar F-Type concept from 2000?

When the new Jaguar F-type was launched to rave reviews back in September everyone was talking about how similar it was to the C-X16 concept from 2011.  But that's no surprise given the lead-in time for new models to be brought to market.

What sees to have been forgotten is the original F-type concept from way back in 2000 when Jaguar's line up consisted of the malignant S-type, the XJ and XK.

The F-Type concept was revealed at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2000 and, at the time, it was a genuinely beautiful creation and a huge departure for the company who, under the aegis of Ford, had stuck to building large saloons and grand tourer 2+2 sports cars.
Jaguar F-Type concept from 2000
The F-type concept, a 2 seat roadster with short overhangs, was the smallest Jaguar in over 40 years, deliberately evoking the spirit of the E-type.  The design team was led by Keith Helfet who had already designed the XK180 concept car of 1998, as well as the XJ220.  Jaguar's Director of Styling, Geoff Lawson, was working on the car in 1999 when he died suddenly.  His replacement was a certain Ian Callum.

Callum designed a car that was 63cm shorter and 25 cm narrower than the XKR.  He was given a brief to design a car from scratch, without the need to base it on an existing platform.  The engine used in the
F-type concept was a 3 litre V6, taken from the S-Type.
Jaguar F-Type concept from 2000
The F-Type concept from 12 years ago, designed by Ian Callum, which Jaguar said at the time would take them in a new direction - towards a new 2 seat roadster - is the basis for the new F-Type which will be in showrooms soon.

The new F-Type is a fabulous machine.  Over the past 12 years Callum has redesigned the rear end and sharpened up the lines.  Indeed he has improved the F-Type concept's looks enormously and the new F-Type which we will be able to buy in 2013 is a testament to his and Geoff Lawson's work over the past 13 years.  Something we shouldn't forget.
Jaguar XK180 concept from 1998

Jaguar C-X16 concept from 2011
Jaguar F-Type - 2012