19 Nov 2012

BTCC racer drives his wife round the bend

Most men reading this will have two speeds when they drive.  One for when they are alone and one for when the family are on board.  Alone - drive fast, overtake, brake hard, hand gestures, verbal abuse from the safety of the car.  With family - drive steady, never overtake, brake smoothly, courteous to other drivers.

Not so for racing driver Rob Austin who took his wife for 3 laps of the Silverstone GP circuit in his BTCC Audi A4.  He put the hammer down, and didn't stop until he was told to enter the pits by a rather unhappy Mrs Austin.  The look she gives him at the end of this video is priceless.

If you enjoyed that you'll love this.  Ex F1 driver, Ricardo Patrese, takes his wife for a spin in a Honda Civic Type-R around the Jerez circuit.  Ricardo remains calm and relaxed throughout - Mrs Patrese, the opposite.