5 Nov 2012

2013 Seat Ibiza Cupra - specs, photos and price

The new Seat Ibiza Cupra has been announced and will be in showrooms in January 2013.  The Cupra will have a 1.4TSI engine with 180bhp and a price of £18,825.

Seat have revealed full details of the new Seat Ibiza Cupra, which has pretty impressive statistics and pricing.

The 1.4TSI engine pushes out 180bhp and 184lb ft or torque.  The 0-62mph time is 6.9 seconds, using the standard, seven-speed, DSG gearbox - and top speed is 142mph.  Average mpg is 47.9.  A manual gearbox is not available.

Part of a hot hatch's appeal is the noise it makes and thankfully the Cupra comes with a "unique sound actuator in the exhaust system which allows for an extra sporty sound when the driver desires it."  That's good to know.

Ride height is lower and the chassis stiffer than in the standard Ibiza and an optional AP Performance braking system can be selected.  It also comes with an electronic differential lock, reducing understeer.  Learner drivers need not despair - it also comes with hill start (although why that is needed for 99% of people who would drive it we're not sure).

The Ibiza Cupra's natural contenders are Ford's Focus ST - £21,995 and Vauxhall's Astra SRi 1.6 turbo - £20,700.  Next year will see the Peugeot 208 GTi, Ford Fiesta ST and Renaultsport Clio as more closely allied competition.