26 Oct 2012

Homemade Wall of Death - and other stunts

Colin Furze is a plumber from Lincolnshire and in his spare time he makes videos of his stunts and uploads them to YouTube.

He started six years ago by posting a video of him and his friends going through a car wash with the windows open.  Shortly after that he posted a slightly more ambitious project - a massive, homemade wall of death - which he then ran round inside in a scooter.

Over the past few years he's built the world's fastest mobility scooter, the worlds longest motorbike, revved a car engine to destruction - with the cylinders exposed -  and got into trouble with the police by riding round on a scooter with flames shooting out from the back.

Here are our favourite films from Colin.  You can find his YouTube channel here.

Destroying a car engine by removing the head and towing it until it revs to 10,000rpm

Scooter flame-thrower

General tomfoolery in a caravan, whilst being towed - and then stopped suddenly

Riding a scooter round a homemade wall of death

Building the wall of death

Fire, Toyota Hilux.  Nuff said

World's fastest pram