31 Oct 2012

Stop Clocking with e-petition from HPI

Numbers of clocked cars on British roads have risen by 10% in the last five years, according to HPI.

As a result, HPI have launched an e-Petition on the DIRECTGOV website to stop the activities of legal mileage correction firms.

Consumers are advised to sign the petition to shut down all of the offending firms, which alter the number of miles displayed upon a car’s odometer. In the United Kingdom, there are estimated to be around 50 of these establishments.

The act of molesting a car's true mileage is not in fact illegal, however the actual sale of clocked vehicles is.

Furthermore, the act of selling clocked vehicles costs the average consumer thousands of pounds. Worse still are the hidden dangers of masking service and maintenance intervals, which could lead to unexpected maintenance bills.

‘Mileage correction firms are the main suspects believed to be fuelling this fraudulent activity and it’s time to close them down,’ said Phil Peace, Commercial Operations Direct for HPI, ‘our e-Petition will give motorists and the motor industry a chance for their voice to be heard.’

Speedmonkey readers are urged to sign this petition to bring an end to clocking: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/40393

Article by Mike Armstrong