3 Oct 2012

Renault Classic launches its own website

Renault have decided to delve into their heritage, which stretches back further than you may think, and launched its own website dedicated to classic Renaults.

The website's stated purpose is to bring together the many hundreds of Renault and Alpine clubs under a single umbrella.  But for the casual fan of Renault, as well as the dedicated petrolhead, the website offers up plenty of salivating and intriguing detail.

For example you can delve through Renault's virtual back catalogue of road and race cars right back to 1898 when Louis Renault built the Renault Type A, through the 4CV and Colorale of the 1950s, via the Renault 5 and Alpine A110, right through to the Clio and Formula 1 R25.

Each car in Renault's past has a write up with bits and pieces of information as well as photos.  For example they have this to say about the Renault 8 Gordini;

Though the “Gorde”, as it was affectionately known, was based on the R8 Major, racetrack modifications at the hand of wizard Amédée Gordini left it largely unrecognizable. Nothing was done by halves: the original model’s sensible engine was transfigured to squeeze out almost twice the power, with changes like a new cylinder head and two splendid Weber carburettors. Then suspensions, steering, brakes and equipment were upgraded consistent with the top speed of 175 km/h.
Then there's the directory of events that Renault Classic will take some of it's cars to.  For example this weekend they will be participating in the Autobrocante Festival Lohéac in North West France.

Also available are downloadable documents detailing parts of Renault history.  Topics covered include a huge database all about the Renault 5 Turbo and another covering their 30 years in Formula 1.

The Renault Classic website is worth a look.  Anyone with a passion for cars will find something of interest in there.

You can find it here - http://en.renaultclassic.com

Extract from the 30 Years of F1 document