4 Oct 2012

Insane looking road legal quad bike - Spyder F1-350A

Scanning ebay we came across this unusual beast.  A road legal quad bike - but a quad bike with 14" alloys on which sit ultra low profile, and pretty fat, tyres.

It's a Spyder F1-350A and is sold by UK dealer Spyder Racing.  The engine is a 350cc watercooled single with 30bhp and a six speed gearbox.  The quad is good for 78mph and is fully road legal - plus it can carry two people.

The Spyder F1-350A costs £2,799 which is one and a half grand less than a Yamaha R125!

But the main thing that caught our eye is the look of the thing.  It's bonkers.  The sharp lines, mudguards, headlights, all the colour-cordinated plastic bodywork and THAT spoiler.

OK it will only ever be used for fun, and it's no good for running up farm tracks or filtering through traffic, but on some twisty back roads this has got to be one of the cheapest ways to have a lot of fun.

See the Spyder Racing website here for more information on the F1-350A.