6 Oct 2012

CAUTION - Rallying is a dangerous sport

Rallying is pretty much the most dangerous sport conducted in a car.  150mph, hedges or ravines either side with trees, stone walls and all sort of solid objects waiting for you should your rally missile leave the road.

And in the case of the two videos - vineyards, electricity lines and a massive cliff.

First up is Jeremy Foley attempting the Pikes Peak hillclimb in Colorado in his Mitsubishi Evo 8 on 12 August.  To see what the Pikes Peak course is like click here.

Unfortunately, 'attempting' is all he managed to achieve - leaving the road and...well have a look.  And try not to watch without saying, "Ow, ouch, oof, oh no."

Neither Jeremy nor his co-driver were seriously injured.  The same can't be said for his Evo 8 which was completely annihilated.  Have a look at the bottom of the article for what it ended up like.

Next up is everyone's favourite Norwegian, Petter Solberg.  During the Rally of France, Petter was carefully threading his Ford Fiesta RS WRC through the vineyards of Alsace when he left the road - crashing through the vines.  But he then carried on, back across the road, through more vines and ended up embedded in an electricity pole.  The pole fell to the ground, bringing the wires with it and exploding dangerously close to nearby spectators.

Petter Solberg surveying his broken Fiesta WRC

Jeremy Foley's sorry looking Evo 8