25 Oct 2012

2013 Honda NSX - production car will be on show in January

Honda have made no secret of the fact their NSX concept will be turned into a production model - but it could reach us faster than previously expected.

The NSX concept was initially branded as an Acura and shown to the public at the Detroit Motor Show a year ago.  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  You only need look at the photos to see that it's a stunner - and quite individual looking.

The original NSX was an immensely capable car but was never the prettiest of supercars - not with that protuberance of a boot that made the wheelbase look too long. But the new NSX, despite its mix of razor sharp lines and and curves, looks sensational.  The overall shape of the car, and the way the lines flow within the boundaries of the shape, create the definitive Honda supercar of the new millennia.

And, happily, it is reported that the production version of the  NSX will look almost exactly the same as the concept.  Indeed a production version of the NSX will be on show at the NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) in Detroit, January 2013.  The car was originally reported to be available in late 2013 but the release date may be brought forwards, according to rumours in the F1 paddock (where there is also talk of Honda rejoining F1 as an engine supplier).

The powertrain of the concept car was a hybrid system featuring a 2 electric motor drive unit (to the front wheels) with bilateral torque adjustable control along with a VTEC V6 (remaining true to the original) and a third electric motor integrated with the gearbox.  Total power is 400bhp.  Honda's name for all this is Sport Hybrid SH-AWD.  A version of this system will be available in the road cars.

As well as the NSX don't forget that Honda CEO, Takanobu Ito, said last month"In addition to the NSX, the next-generation super sports model, Honda will launch a new open-top sports car with strong vehicles dynamics which will go on sale in Japan 2014, as one of the six new mini-vehicle models"

Hopefully the new sports car will take it's styling cues from the new NSX.