4 Sept 2012

VW Golf MkVII - prices, pictures and specs

Volkswagen have announced details of the MkVII Golf and, from the photographs, we think it's the best looking Golf in a long time.

The MkVII is bigger and has more interior space than it's predecessors yet is 100kg lighter than the outgoing model.

It immediately looks like a Golf.  The overall shape, the short overhang at the rear with the slightly longer one at the front.  The rear three quarters harks back to the venerable MkIV, which only came out of production in 2004.  The raked windscreen with steep rear window.  The Golf created the mould which every other hatchback copied.

Inside, the centre console is more angled towards the driver giving them easier access to the controls, including the new touchscreen infotainment system.

The traditional handbrake has gone, to be replaced with an electronic parking brake.  The Golf also now features a universal phone holder, with inductive aerial, under the centre armrest.

Electronic aids include Adaptive Cruise Control which uses radar sensors to maintain a set distance from the car in front, Front Assist which can bring the car to a complete stop at high speed, and City Emergency Braking which can stop the car at up to 19mph.

A new feature (we love this one) is Dynamic Light Assist which means the main beam can be left on at night and the car dips it when detecting oncoming traffic.  Yet another new feature is Park Assist which, you guessed it, parks the car itself.

Steering is improved with a variable ratio system and the driver can now select from four different modes - Eco, Sport, Normal and Individual.  Each of these options alters the throttle mapping and engine management.  We can't see why anyone wouldn't leave it in Sport all the time.

Engine choice has been increased with a new range of petrol and diesel power plants.  New petrol units include a 1.2 TSi and1.4 TSi.  The diesels include a 1.6 and 2.0.

The car goes on sale in October and first deliveries are expected in January 2013.

Volkswagen have just released some prices for the new Golf.

  • The 1.2TSI with a 5 speed manual, 3 doors in S trim costs £16,330 (£95 less than the equivalent Mk VI)
  • The 104bhp 1.6TDI costs from £18,995.
  • The 148bhp 2.0TDI costs from £21,035.
  • The top spec GT costs from £22,285.