20 Sept 2012

The sexiest cars ever made

Our guide to the coolest and sexiest cars ever made.

We present you with the best, curviest, sharpest, most fantastic, wonderful, awe-inspiring, heart-stopping, joyous and downright sexy cars ever constructed in a darkened shed and wheeled outdoors to melt the hearts of all those who set eyes upon it.

Choosing the sexiest cars ever designed is a subjective exercise and many readers will disagree with our choices.  However it would be hard to disagree that any of our choices are not beautiful cars.

Jaguar E-type - Series 1

Enzo Ferrari called this "The most beautiful car ever made."  And he wasn't wrong.  Introduced in 1961 and built until 1968 the E-type series 1 is the most astonishingly exquisite, and downright sexy, car ever created.  And in the four decades since, it's elegance hasn't faded, nor has it's position as the most beautiful car ever been surpassed.

Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR

Sir Stirling Moss described the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR as, "The greatest sportscar ever built."  And he should know - he won the 1955 Mille Miglia in it at an average speed of 97.96mph over 990 miles.  The 300 SLR only competed for one season, as Mercedes-Benz pulled out of racing for 38 years following the 1955 Le Mans disaster.  Weighing only 880kg and with 310bhp the 300 SLR is one of the most beautiful and downright sexiest cars ever to have been created.

Aston Martin DBS

We've chosen a contemporary Aston Martin over one of the classics because this car says everything about how magnificent design can be achieved despite modern regulations.  Designed by an Englishman (with a German name), Marek Reichman, the DBS was unveiled in 2007 as a GT sports version of the DB9.  It takes the DB9's already fantastic body and introduces just enough creases and cuts to render the DBS the most wonderful modern car on the road today.

BMW Zagato Roadster

Unfortunately the BMW Zagato Roadster is just a concept.  But it's a concept we really hope will come to fruition.  Following on from the slightly ungainly Coupe the Roadster hits all the right buttons.  It takes the classic roadster shape, which BMW then mangled, and unmangles it into a car with the most divine profile.  The proportions are perfect, the details are perfectly placed and the beauty of the designers creation is evident in it's form.  Bravo Zagato.

Ferrari 330 P4

The Ferrari 330 P4 was quite a different car from it's predecessor, the P3.  Designed as a race car only four P4s were made.  In 1967 P4s crossed the finish line at the Daytona 24 hours in 1, 2 and 3rd places.  Which makes it all the more impressive that the sheer beauty of the 330 P4 derives not from a need to sell cars but through sheer functionality of design.  And what incredible design.  The curves of the P4 are the most delectable we've seen on an automobile.

Chevrolet Corvette C2

A big fat slice of Americana, the Corvette C2 was made from 1963 until 1967 and defined how US muscle cars should be designed.  Also known as the Sting Ray the C2 fell out of fashion during the seventies and eighties but as tasted have returned so has the appreciation for it.  Perhaps it felt out of fashion due to it's extravagant and overt styling but it is this very feature which makes the C2 stand out as a beautiful piece of machinery to modern eyes.

Ferrari 250 GT Spider California

Designed by Scaglietti and introduced in 1960 the 250 GT Spider California embodies all that Ferrari represents in one car.  Beautiful, functional, rare, magnificently expensive it is the manifestation of class and style and oozes pedigree from it's delicately detailed bodywork.  Magnifica bellezza sessuale

McLaren F1

As with the Ferrari 330 P4 the McLaren F1's form comes as a direct result of it's function.  Happily that   produced a superbly focussed and elegantly poised design that, although it is now twenty years old, has stood the test of time.  The F1 could be released today and it would be hailed as one of the most perfect cars and beautiful cars of the year.  Designed by Gordon Murray and able to seat three with it's 1 plus 2 layout the attention to detail in the F1 is attestation to the fact that from good design comes beauty.

Ford Escort Mk1

A normal, bog standard family car has no right standing shoulder to shoulder amongst such elevated company?  Wrong.  The original Escort was introduced in 1968 and sold in vast numbers until it's, squarer, replacement arrived in 1974.  There's something about it's swoops and contours that causes the hairs on the back of the neck to stand up.  Maybe it's a nostalgic thing but for many men, and women, the Escort Mk1 is one of the sexiest cars ever created.

Lotus Evora

Colin Chapman said: "Simplicate, then add lightness."  Chapman may have died in 1982 but his philosophy continues to this day.  He would have been proud of the Evora.  Despite the fact the Evora is a 2+2, practical sportscar it weighs just 1350kg.  And, despite the limitations of modern safety regulations, Lotus have wrapped the chassis in just the most appealing bodywork.