24 Sept 2012

The Brazilian Job

This story, from the Brazilian website www.npdiario.com, tells of a truck driver Aguinaldo da Silva who was left precariously dangling over the side of a bridge.

Da Silva had been driving his Volvo road train along the Chavantes Bridge, which links São Paulo to Paraná in southern Brazil, when the car in front of him stopped to take in the view.  We've all come across those idiots who stop without warning but not necessarily when driving a huge truck on a bridge.

The lorry skidded, jack-knifed and crashed through the barrier.  The cab and the first of his two trailers were left hanging over the edge.

Luckily for the truck driver a passer-by with a rope stopped a few minutes later and hauled him from his cab to the safety of the bridge.

Image courtesy www.npdiario.com