19 Sept 2012

Peugeot 208 Type R5 rally car - price and specs

Update - further images have been released since this article was published.  See here for details

Peugeot have released a teaser image and full specs for their new rally car, the 208 Type R5.  The image released by Peugeot was very dark so we've enhanced it in order that you can see it's true lines.

The car is a successor to the superlative 207 Super 2000 and will first be available to customers in the second half of 2013 at a price of €180,000 plus local taxes.

Designed and assembled in the workshops of Peugeot Sport in V√©lizy, the 208 Type R5 will begin a test programme from the end of 2012 on asphalt and gravel surfaces.  Peugeot aim to make the engine last for 5,000km (3,100 miles).

Initially the car is designed to compete in the Intercontinental Rally Championship, European Rally Championship and in National championships.  It could compete in WRC at a later date.

More photos and a video will be released by Peugeot on 27 September.

The 208 Type R5's specs are below:

Type - EP6 CDT
Location - Transverse Front
Capacity - 1598 cc
Number of cylinders - 4
Power (bhp) - 280bhp at 6,000rpm
Torque (Nm) - 400 Nm at 2,500rpm
Max engine speed - 7,500rpm
Injection - Magneti Marelli High Pressure Direct
Intake - Single throttle
Number of valves - 16

Mode - Four-wheel drive
Clutch - Dual disc
Gearbox - Five-speed with sequential control
Differential - Two self-locking differentials

Structure and materials - Shell + Tubular roll-over bar
Front suspension - Pseudo MacPherson
Rear suspension - Pseudo MacPherson

Front brakes - Alcon 4 pistons
Diameter - 300 (gravel) 355 (asphalt)
Rear brakes - Alcon 4 pistons
Diameter - 300 (gravel) 355 (asphalt)
Steering - Direct with hydraulic assistance
Wheels - Aluminium monoblock 8"x18'' (asphalt) / 7"x15" (gravel)
Asphalt wheels - 225x40x18
Loose surface/gravel wheels - 215x65x15

Length - 3,962mm
Width - 1,820mm
Wheelbase - 2,560mm
Minimum weight - 1,200 kg (asphalt & gravel)