26 Sept 2012

Jaguar F-type specs and images

Following the leaked photos we published here Jaguar have now released full specifications and photos of their new car - the F-type.

Three models will be available - the F-type, F-type S and F-type V8 S.  The first two models are powered by Jaguar's supercharged V6 which has 340bhp and 380bhp respectively.  The V8 is a 5 litre which produces 495bhp - and is already our favourite model.

The V8 does 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds and can reach a top speed of 186mph.  The transmission is all models is an 8 speed semi-automatic that Jaguar calls Quickshift.  Hopefully this will be similar to the 'box in the XKR-S which is noticeably better than in the standard XKR.

All models feature a limited slip differential - mechanical in the V6's and electronic in the V8.

Jaguar claims ergonomically grouped controls and, to be honest, it needs them.  Scattered groups of buttons and switches are the only let down inside Jaguar's current models.

The F-type has an active spoiler, similar to that on the 911, which reduces lift at speed by up to 120kg.

We think there is real reason to be excited by the F-type.  It brings Jaguar firmly in line with other, similar, 2-seater sportscars from Maserati, Porsche and Mercedes but it also brings with it the heritage of the brand as well as a big dollop of goodwill from the public.  People seem to want Jaguar to do well in this sector.  They want a British company to produce a fantastic looking, powerful and agile sportscar.

Hopefully, when we drive the F-type, we'll be able to report back that Jaguar have built such a car.  And we hope, for the sake of anyone who goes near one, that it sounds as good as the XKR-S.

The F-TYPE will be available OTR for £58,500, the F-TYPE S for £67,500 and the F-TYPE V8 S for £79,950

Underneath the photos you'll find Jaguar's promotional film for the F-type.