4 Sept 2012

How not to modify a car

Tasteful modifications to cars can be wonderful things - see this 6 wheel drive Range Rover for evidence of that.  But more often than not home-brewed modifications can come out more wrong than right.

With the help of some enthusiastic volunteers we scoured the pages of eBay and bring you a collection of the bad, the worse and the ugly.

There is a rather cruel saying that some people have a face that only a mother can love.  In these cases the owners love their cars but somehow we can't bring ourselves to share their enthusiasm.

Enjoy the gallery.  We'd love to hear what you think of them in the box below or on twitter at @speedmonkeycouk

Described by the owner as a Trimumph Spitfire

Peugeot 406 apparently.  Tasteful paintwork

The standard Honda Civic Jordan was a great car.  This is criminal

Under that is a Corsa

Described as BMW 325i Low Rider Supention (owners words)

The same BMW's rear end with Ferrari 360 lights, apparently