12 Sept 2012

Ford GT40s and Lotus Cortinas at Goodwood Revival

Delve into Ford's history and you will find cars from different eras that make men (and women) weak at the knees.

Ford will be bringing two of their most iconic cars to the Goodwood Revival - the GT40 and the Lotus Cortina.

The Cortina was Britain's best selling family car for most of the 1970s and laid the foundation for Fords later generations of family cars.  2.8 million Cortinas were sold from 1962 until 1982.

In 1961 Colin Chapman, sick of paying over the odds for Cooper Climax engines, commissioned his own engine for Lotus in Motorsport and road cars.  The resultant engine (largely built by Cosworth) was tested round the Nurburgring in a Lotus 23 and appeared in roadcars in the Lotus Elan.  During the development phase Walter Hayes of Ford asked Colin if he could use the engine for homologation in 1,000 group 2 Ford saloons.

Chapman accepted and the engine went into the Elan and the Lotus Cortina.  Ford supplied the Cortina body shells and Lotus installed the Elan engine and gearbox as well as bespoke suspension and components.  Thus the Lotus Cortina was born

A white and green 1965 Lotus Cortina will star on the Ford stand in the RAC Earls Court exhibition alongside and 1953 Ford Prefect.

In addition two GT40s will be in action on the track.  A 1969 road going MkIII and a 1964 MkI Le Mans car.