2 Sept 2012

F1 - Belgian GP at Spa - First corner crash

With apologies to F1 and Sky Sports F1 this is the sequence of events leading to the first corner crash at the 2012 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa Francorchamps.

Grosjean gets a good start but squeezes Hamilton off track.  Hamilton has nowhere to go

Grosjean continues to move over and Hamilton is a passenger as his front wheels are in the air

With the intertia from two cars pushing forwards the Hamilton/Grosjean train careens onwards and upwards

And into Alonso

Who is then rammed by the helpless Hamilton as Grosjean cartwheels off

Alonso in flight as Hamilton, front wheels askew, continues on

Couple of shots of the incident from Alonso's point of view.  Thankfully no-one was injured but it was a close run thing