17 Sept 2012

Changes to Yamaha Models for 2013

It’s that time of year again – manufacturers are releasing details of changes to current models to refresh them for next year’s market!

Yamaha have just made public some subtle changes to the following bikes:

WR125R and WR125X

These great learner legal machines now come with updated graphics, and the R model is now available in Sports Black. Both powered by a surprisingly willing and free revving125cc fuel injected single cylinder engine (which makes approx 15bhp) they are really good fun to ride; and being full sized they look the part too, especially with lots of quality parts such as wavy discs on the R, and a 140 section rear tyre on the X, as well as matching the rugged styling of their bigger brothers, the XT660R and XT660X.

XT1200Z Super Tenere

The surprisingly nimble XT1200Z Super Tenere Adventure bike will feature new style graphics on both the Yamaha Blue and Competition White colourways. Well, if it’s good enough for Nick Sanders…..

For 2013 the Worldcrosser kit will also be available for current owners of the standard spec Super Ten who wish to enhance and upgrade their bike for a worldwide adventure without having to trade in their old bike for a new fully specced one. Prices will probably be a little salty, as all official Yamaha parts tend to be; but if you want the authentic look and don’t fancy trudging through the latest Touratech catalogue this may be your best bet. It certainly makes the Ten stand out more and will help to protect the more fragile components, although I think the sump guard should have been a standard fitment.

Other changes across the range include the removal of the fender stay on the XVS1300A and XV1900A cruisers, new graphics on the Yamaha Blue variant of the kiddie friendly PW50 mini bike and WR450F competition bike, and numerous cosmetic and colour changes to the XJ6 range; which are detailed in an earlier article here on speedmonkey.co.uk.

©Angela Freeman