21 Aug 2012

Yet another special edition Fiat 500 - The Street

In what seems to be behaviour reminiscent of car dealers from the 80s throwing a few stripes on the outgoing Astra or Escort and selling them as 'Special Editions' Fiat has just announced their 3rd Special Edition in 3 weeks.

The Fiat 500 Street is aimed at 'sporty drivers' so maybe this is a hasty attempt to generate sales from all those sofa surfers who felt sporty whilst watching Britain win so many gold medals at the Olympics.

Or maybe Fiat is just in trouble and Fiat UK has been told it has to make up it's quota of sales by adding a touch of leather here and a spoiler there and making a big deal out of it in order to flog a few more units.  This is bizarre behaviour given Fiat claimed strong sales figures for the year to date albeit they still have €5.4billion worth of debt.  See here for details.

Whatever, the Street is a nice looking car.  It comes with the 0.9 twinjet (£12,760) or 1.2 (£11,360) litre petrol engines or the 1.3 MultiJet 2 diesel (£13,760) and buyers can spec one of five colours.  You'll also get extras such as air conditioning, sports seats, 16 inch wheels, leather steering wheel and rear spoiler.