14 Aug 2012

Spotted - Lancia Flaminia Convertible

I live close to a main road so often see strange and exotic cars and bikes pass by - the whole house shakes when a steamroller rumbles by - and today was no exception.

I had just popped into the village when I saw this beauty.  I followed the car into the petrol station for a quick chat with the owner and a few snaps.  I only saw the back of it at first so didn't even know what make it was.

Turns out it is a Lancia Flaminia Convertible 2.5 triple carburettor.  One of only 847 made (between 1957 and 1962).  This car was made in 1960 and registered in the UK in 1972.

The convertible was based on the standard Flaminia but shortened (so only available as a 2 seater) and the body redesigned by Carrozzeria Touring of Milan.  The owner of this car was keen to point out that Carrozzeria also designed the Aston Martin DB4.

It is heartening to see such machinery on the roads and we should be glad that people still covet them and keep them running.