25 Aug 2012

BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe

BMW are testing a completely new car, the 4-series, which will be a smaller 6-series but based on 3-series chassis and mechanicals.

The 4-series is tentatively scheduled for launch in 2014 and the only examples seen on the roads are heavily disguised but several renderings have already surfaced.  These are by Automedia.

The 4-series is distinct from the existing 3-series coupe in that it has four doors and shorter overhangs.  It is likely to be priced higher than the 3-series and will essentially leave the 3-series as a standard saloon or estate whilst the 4-series will be a convertible and coupe.

The 6-series is described as a Gran Coupe and this is obviously the sector BMW is aiming for with the 4-series.  Audi have already made a success of that concept with the A5.

The model line up is expected to be 420d, 430d, 428i and 435i - following the same engine choices as in the existing 3-series models. An M4 Gran Coupe is also in the pipeline.

We can't help but think that when it is seen devoid of it's camouflage the 4-series needs to change somewhat.  It currently seems too similar to the 3-series.  The Audi A5 is instantly recognisable from it's A4 sibling but the BMW doesn't.

BMW also seems to be moving away from the manglings of the Bangle years.  Hopefully the 4-series will not feature droopy lines along it's flanks - it doesn't seem to in the spy shots.  The dreadful widenened kidney grille of recent years was recently reshaped by Zagato, in their interpretation of the roadster (see here), into a much more attractive shape.  It is but faint hope BMW will take a look at the Zagato grille and see the error of their ways.

More will be revealed as 2014 approaches and the car strips away more of it's disguise.

But for now have another look at the spy shots.  Do they remind you of anything?  No?  Take a look at the bottom picture and see what you think.

Spyshots courtesy of Autoevolution