15 Jul 2012

VW Golf Mk1 with a Porsche engine

When I saw Josh Dalley's vision for his Mk1 restoration I couldn't help but ask Josh to send photos of the finished article.  He's done one better than that and sent pictures of the restoration too.

Feast your eyes on the journey from barn find to very original looking but bang up to date Golf.

Josh's Golf is fitted with almost all standard parts but modernised and uprated them in order to cope with the power plant under the bonnet.  This Golf has a Porsche 911 3.2 litre flat six engine.  And it's still front wheel drive.  Awesome.

BTCC cars weigh about 1100kg and have 300bhp.  The standard Golf weighed 900kg.  With the 911 engine this should weigh in at around 1000kg and will also have around 300bhp.  What a beast.

Article by Matt Hubbard