6 Jul 2012

New Bentley EXP 9 F concept - first pictures

Bentley have just released these images of their SUV design concept.  The car will certainly appeal to footballers and anyone else with a few million pounds, dollars or euros making a hole in their pocket.

Speedmonkey finds it hard to look at these images without making the following observations:

  • The EXP 9 F will certainly sell well because it's a Bentley and it's a 4WD
  • It has none of the taste and elegance in design that Bentley is renowned for
  • The huge wheels and bulging wheel arches are obviously meant to make it look imposing but they just make it look overweight
  • Whilst the Bentley grille remains the deep-set headlights and fog-lights give the car a 'dead' look
  • Either the driver in these shots is immensely tall or the EXP 9 F has no headroom
  • At least the rear end looks good

As you can probably tell we think the EXP 9 F is tasteless and garish.  Hopefully Bentley will respond to what is bound to be negative feedback from these images and go back to the drawing board (or CAD) and revise certain details.

Or maybe they believe there are enough footballers in the world with pots of money and no taste who will buy it.