11 Jul 2012

The Maldonator's Greatest Hits

To celebrate the recent unveiling of The Maldonator by Williams F1, Speedmonkey brings you his greatest hits.

The real Pastor's career started in Formula Renault.  Having not managed to crash into anyone Giancarlo Minardi gave him the opportunity to test a Minardi Formula 1 car.  Amazingly Pastor did quite well in that test and didn't crash it.

His next step was a move to the World Series by Renault.  This is where Pastor's crashing career really took off.  In this video that Pastor sees two stricken cars, red flags and a track full of marshals and really goes for it.  He Maldonates the first car at high speed then careers into the second and proper Maldonates that too.

He then moved into Formula Renault 3.5 where, sadly, no record of exists of the future Maldonator in action.

However GP2 proved a much more fertile ground for the Maldonator to practice his unique style of driving.  See this video from Monaco where he actually Maldonates himself!

In this next video from Hockenheim Pastor really gets going and does an 'Irvine' when he just drives into the side of Romain Grosjean. Top Maldonating.

On to Spa where bad driving can lead to some terrible crashes.  Unfortunately Pastor only Maldonated himself and one other car.  He tried his best though.

In 2010 Sir Frank Williams was told by Mystic Meg that Pastor would win one F1 race.  Sir Frank was desperate for Williams to win again so, despite knowing that the Williams repair bill would quadruple, he hired Pastor for 2011.  Pastor took some time to get going.

In Monaco, knowing that he should Maldonate or be Maldonated, Lewis took Pastor out at the first corner.

In Malaysia Pastor Maldonated himself.

But in 2012 Pastor took that fated first win in Barcelona.  Williams then introduced The Maldonator - a cunning ploy.  See here for the full story but suffice to say the real Pastor was packed off to Venezuela with a big cheque and replaced by the cyborg crash-machine we have come to know and love.

In Canada The Maldonate was doing fine until Sir Frank dozed off and leant on the kill-switch just as The Maldonator was approaching the wall of champions.

In the following clip the Maldonator thoroughly Maldonates Lewis Hamilton.

But he was just getting warmed up for the biggie at Silvestone.  Perez had the temerity to be in front of The Maldonator so he was immediately Maldonated!  What a cheeky Maldonator he is.

Speedmonkey looks forward to more Maldonating over the rest of the F1 2012 season.