9 Jul 2012

Land Rover Defender Special Edition

The Land Rover Defender - in production since 1948 in one form or other - will be phased out over the next few years.  European laws mean that it will have to cease by 2015 and Land Rover has already teased several concepts which received generally positive reviews.

The Defender soldiers on.  Much beloved of farmers, gamekeepers, the equestrian set (it's one of the only vehicles legally capable of pulling a 3.5t horse trailer) and Richard Hammond it's star is beginning to wane.  BMW and Mercedes don't produce anything to compete with a Defender but the Japanese do.  I see many more HiLux's and L200's around farmyards than Defenders nowadays and the farmer with a few pounds in his pocket will usually buy the highly rated Discovery.

So until the new Defender arrives Land Rover will eke out the old model by updating it periodically with special editions.  Indeed this one is the Special Edition.

Available in Orkney Grey or Nara Bronze with a black roof and wheel arches in a colour Land Rover describes as Santorini the SE also comes with chequer plate (so often an aftermarket addition) as standard on the bumpers and sills.

The above is augmented with special headlights, wheels and tyres, grille, bumpers and unique graphics.

The Special Edition is available on the 90 Hard Top and Station Wagon and the 110 Station and Utility Wagons.  The car comes with the 2.2 litre turbo diesel engine and 6 speed gearbox found in the rest of the range.

Prices haven't been released yet but the Special Editions should be priced at just above the standard Defender - which ranges from £21,410 to £32,855 OTR.