23 Jun 2012

New Mini Clubvan

For those of us old enough to remember the original Mini van the new arrival in the Mini family should bring back some memories. Instead of that wheezy old 998cc engine the Clubvan is specced in three different levels just like the standard Mini. There's a One, Cooper and Cooper D. It's basically a Clubman with blanked out windows and no back seats. It's even got 5 doors! Given the Clubvan is based on the Clubman handling will still be sharp and crisp but you won't really want to be throwing it round corners when it's full of gear. And you can get plenty of gear in the back - 860 litres in fact. It's well priced too. For example the Cooper D is £13,600 (plus VAT) and returns 74.1mpg. Perfect for businesses who are looking for some style from their commercial fleet.