22 Jun 2012

F1 - Valencia - reflections on Friday Practice

1 - Unless you drive for HRT, Caterham, Marussia, Torro Rosso, Force India or are Jenson Button you could win.
2 - Jenson has got his long face and 'down' voice on again. Sometimes his entire demeanour drops. When this happens he will be crap.
3 - The Valencia circuit is still rubbish. An uninspiring track in a dusty wasteland set amidst industrial units. It was supposed to be another Monaco. In reality it's another Birmingham super-prix but with better weather.
4 - The journalists love it because it's sunny and it's next to a beach.
5 - Allan McNish is a fantastic co-commentator. Informed, technical, knowledgable, self deprecating ("at least now when Anthony Davidson returns he'll be shorter than me") and unlike many professional commentators he's got a perfect voice for talking over a motor race.