25 Jun 2012

2007 Audi R10 for sale. £1.5m

Unbelievably you can buy this Audi R10, which finished 7th at the Le Mans 24 hour race in 2009, at open auction. Guide price is 1,300,000 to 1,600,000€ and it's available at the Artcurial Auction for Sports GT and Le Mans classic cars based at the circuit on 7 July.

Whilst there's some fairly humdrum machinery in the sale there are some real beauties including a Jaguar XJR estate! Listed rather elegantly as "1991 JAGUAR XJR-S V12 6 L TWR "Eventer" break de chasse par lynx". The literal translation may or may not read "Shooting brake you can keep your pet Lynx in the back of". It could also mean that the conversion was undertaken by renowned coach builders Lynx.

The catalogue is available at the link below and is pretty much an exact representation of my Corgi car collection in 1981 - well except for the R10.

Artcurial auction