11 Mar 2014

Geneva Motor Show - Porsche 919, 911 Targa And Macan

Porsche has lots of new machinery on display at Geneva, and it all looks rather handsome

Porsche 919 at Geneva Motor Show

I absolutely love racing cars.  The Porsche 919, which will be raced in the 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans as well as the World Endurance Champtionship, stands out as a vastly different beast to the array of polished and finished motors at Geneva.

The 919 is light and low.  It's also quite small when compared to the 911.  It is cut from carbon fibre which is left, raw edges exposed and clad in racing livery.  The cockpit is tiny and the small details (lights, wings, floor) are exquisite.  Under that bodywork sits a state of the art hybrid power train.

Porsche is bringing an extra degree of competition to Le Mans.  Add in the company's unparalleled history at the race and the 919 is a hugely exciting car.

Porsche 919 at Geneva Motor Show
Porsche would say its most exciting new road car is the Macan.  I'd disagree and say it's the 911 Targa.  Everyone knows the 911 shape with its glacial evolution (in looks rather than design or tech) but the Targa stands out as the most most beautiful current 911.  It's a peach and the way the rear folds up and out to accommodate the roof is wonderful to behold.
Porsche 911 Targa at Geneva Motor Show
Porsche 911 Targa at Geneva Motor Show

The Macan itself is lower and smaller than you might expect from photos.  It's also quite good looking, although the rear end does look a tad unfinished.  It's certain to be a success for Porsche.  Unfortunately I couldn't get a clear photo of the front, but look here for a full press gallery of the Macan.
Porsche Macan at Geneva Motor Show

By Matt Hubbard