26 Aug 2013

MG3 gallery, prices and information

The MG3 is a car that spells make or break for MG.  Sales of the MG6 have been dismal and MG needs the MG3 to do well.

An MG3 was on display at CarFest South so I took an opportunity to have a good poke around and take some photos.

The MG3 starts at £8399 but the model at CarFest was the £9995 3-Style with a 105 bhp petrol engine.  A diesel isn't planned for "some years", according to the man from MG.

The MG3 looks good.  The styling is spot on.  The interior is pretty bargain basement.  The seats are described as leather but look like good old 70s leatherette.  The dash is simply laid out but doesn't seem to have Dacia's flair.  Some of the switchgear is OK, but some seems pretty cheap.

In short the exterior looks fab but the interior is only adequate.  We've yet to see how the MG3 performs on the road because no UK journalist has been allowed to drive one.  We have to wait until September to see if the MG3 is worthy of the MG name.

MG3 dash

MG3 rear

MG3 dash

MG3 window switch

MG3 interior

MG3 dash top