12 Jun 2013

This old VW camper is on fire on a bridge over the M6 (updated)

Speedmonkey writer Colin Hubbard just sent in these photos from the M6 northbound.  He says it's an old VW camper.

Another one bites the dust.

Update: Note from Colin - Its a split screen (well now no screen) one actually on the M6 near preston. Police and traffic officers deserve a pat on the back for not shutting the motorway, a little common sense goes a long way

Further update:  The owner of the this camper posted on www.EarlyBay.com that: "My lovely early bay caught fire yesterday and ended up burned out. Engine stuttered so I pulled over, a few tiny flames to left of carb, but I had nothing with me to put on it. Highways agency were there in 30s while I was ringing 999, but they don’t carry extinguishers, not a single vehicle passing answered my gesticulated pleas for help....Please, get an extinguisher and carry it, you don’t want to end up feeling like I do right now"