19 Apr 2013

Porsche driver reverses into a dyke (no jokes please)

The driver of this 1992 Porsche 911 reversed it into a boat and then a dyke (no jokes please) and ended up sinking.  The driver just sat in the car, apparently unable to believe what had happened, whilst the Porsche began to sink.

Mark Platten and Sam Hall, who were working on a boat nearby, heard the thud as the Porsche hit the boat and the splash as it hit the dyke (no jokes please).  They leapt onto the boat next to the Porsche, opened the car door and dragged the driver out.

Sam Hall said: "The car was going down slowly and we thought he was not going to get out - so Mark jumped in and it took a bit of an effort do get the door open.  When the door opened it went down quickly and we pulled him out just in time before his head went under.  He was in shock and I guess his foot must have slipped on the accelerator.  It was something like out of a James Bond film and it all happened pretty quickly."

The driver later returned to the scene to thank Mark and Sam.  The incident took place in Coltishall, Norfolk.

964s are renown for being a bit lairy around corners but aren't generally considered too difficult to reverse, especially into dykes (no jokes please).