5 Oct 2012

A car chase film with a difference - You MUST watch this

Nitro Warriors - A Stop Motion Animated Film

It's hard to explain just how awesome this movie is.  It's 2.34 minutes long and features a cop car chasing a supercharged Ford Mustang.  The cop car is soon dispatched - to be replaced with a Chevrolet Corvette cop car.

The chase then evolves to include trains, planes and dozens of cop cars.  It's kind of like the Blues Brothers crossed with Convoy - with a little bit of  Smokey and the Bandit thrown in for good measure.

And the whole thing is filmed using stop motion animation, toy cars and brilliantly dubbed engine noises and sound effects.

Have a look and let us know what you think.  The film credits are below.

Produced by Brenden Kent
Directed by Paul Greer

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With thanks to Ian Brown (@IanThorneBrown) who brought the film to our attention.