26 Sept 2012

Official - Porsche Panamera Sports Touring

These are official pictures of the Porsche Panamera shooting brake (to use an old phrase that has recently re-entered our lexicon) or, as they call it the Sports Touring concept.

First impressions are that Porsche has managed to make it's first ever good looking large car.  The Cayenne, whilst an impressive car, is no looker and the standard Panamera has looks that only a mother could love.

But with the Sports Touring Porsche seem to have got it right.

The classic Porsche nose, perfect on it's sports cars, looks very odd when bolted on to a SUV and the rear end of the Panamera was a kind of 911 stretch limo affair.  But the Porsche Panamera Sport Touring's steeper rear window and back end that looks designed from scratch rather than incorporated from an existing design is a much more attractive proposition.

The side profile is a huge improvement too - almost Alfa-esque.

The engine is a supercharged 3 litre V6 with 333bhp.  The electric engine produces a further 95bhp.  With the combined 428bhp the Sports Touring e-hybrid will do 0-60mph in less than 6 seconds.

Porsche claim it will do run for 19 miles purely on the electric engine and with the the combined systems will do 83mpg.