25 Jun 2012

Question - Who won back-to-back Australian Grand Prix?

A few years ago the F1 circus raced at a fantastic track in Australia around the streets of Adelaide. I loved it and, not being a grand prix driver, fondly remember driving the circuit on the old PS2 F1 games. Adelaide was a real street circuit that was fast and had tight chicanes and hard walls ready to take a chunk out of any car that came close.

Sadly 1995 was the final F1 race at Adelaide. It was replaced, for financial and safety reasons, with the track we all know and love at Melbourne. Melbourne may be a good circuit but I certainly preferred Adelaide.

The final race at Adelaide was held on 12 November 1995 - the last race of the 1995 season.

The first race at Melbourne was held on 10 March 1996 - the first race of the 1996 season.

And one driver claimed victory in both races, thereby winning back-to-back Australian GPs. A feat surely never to be repeated.

Without referring to wikipedia can you name the driver? Answers in the comments section below.